We have recently become aware of a flaw undetected in the quality control process in the last few weeks affecting a number of the Spider Pads carrying the code numbers P2B1C-1 and P2B1C-2. As these issues mean that some pads may not conform to the WCF’s Specifications, we have asked the WCF to withdraw these product codes from the approved list for elite play. 

We are working to identify the necessary steps to remedy the issues, following which we will ensure our manufacturing process will consistently produce pads which conform to the WCF regulations. Once we have taken the necessary steps to ensure the new pads conform to WCF Specifications, these pads will carry a new code which will mean curlers and officials will be able to clearly identify them as the conforming product.

We will replace all unused withdrawn pads you have with new approved ones when available. Please contact us by email for that manner at : mferland@performancebrush.com

We appreciates the co-operation from the WCF.

Sorry for the inconvenience !