About Performance Brush

The Original Brush by Curling André Ferland

The Performance brush style is used by more than 90% of the competitive curling teams in the World.  Today, the makers of curling brushes don’t develop their own style of brushes, they simply copy the Performance style (think of Goldline, BalancePlus etc…)

Look for the best curling brush in the World and chose the original rather than a copy.

Today, we make new brush heads like TX and DD.  These heads show their superiority in comparision to the Equalizer.

The new TX model is totally water proof and gives you a Performance never reach by our competitors.

The DD model (stand for Double Density) allows you to make very effective Corner Sweeping.  The center of the Pad is made of firm foam while both ends are made of much softer foam.  Only the center of the pad apply pressure on the ice allowing to brush the desired portion of the stone while both ends clean the ice surface.


Like many champions, chose the ORIGINAL MODEL, THE PERFORMANCE BRUSH.

PERFORMANCE BRUSHES, the choice of many champions.

The Brush seen on T.V. during Championships :
Nationals : Scott, Brier, Juniors, Seniors
Worlds and Olympics